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  • Are you looking for a solution for sustainable waste management?
  • Are you concerned about confidentiality of data on hard disks or electronic media?
  • Are you confused on shredder applications and unsure which shredder suits your needs?
  • Are the entire different brands make your head spin?

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Industrial shredders are complicated units requiring a fair bit of technical know-how to understand their utilities and operations. Our shredder experts can help you identify the correct product to suit your needs and budget.

Ever wondered how you could re-use cardboard boxes or shred bulk non-paper items?

If you're at a warehouse or in the dispatching business, you probably would need to make good use of cardboard boxes. Cardboards perforate easily. Why not convert bulky cardboard boxes into flat perforated sheets ideal for packaging of all kinds of goods, especially fragile ones.

If you need to shred bulk of paper in one pass all day long or if you want to shred large volumes of plastic or other non paper media such as paper clips, credit cards or optical disks, then high volume shredders are suitable for you.

Specialist industrial shredders come in different sizes, prices and technologies such as cardboard shredders, disintegrators, degaussers, etc. It is crucial that you understand which shredder technology fulfils your needs and fits in your budget.

You can save a lot of money by selecting shredder technology better suited for your needs. Here are common queries we receive from our customers:

      1. Is an Industrial shredder right for my company?
      2. How much can an industrial shredder shred per hour?
      3. Why should I buy a shredder when shredding service can shred for me?
You can save a lot of money by buying the right product as per your needs. Our experts can guide you on saving schemes.
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